#GIRLGANG terms and conditions

Credit Card Authorization Form


This credit card authorization gives Sloane & Ivy & the #GIRLGANG Box the authority to save your credit card information on file and use for future transactions listed below. 



Sloane & Ivy will charge you card for the following:

  1. If by the 7 days the #GIRLGANG Box has shipped than Sloane & Ivy will charge your credit card for all the items that were packed in your #GIRLGANG Box. 
  2. If within the 7 days the #GIRLGANG Box is returned, only the items that you, the client, kept will be charged to the credit card on file 
  3. If Sloane & Ivy deems the clothes returned from the #GIRLGANG Box  to be visibly worn, torn, ripped, without original tag(s), and/ or stained, you are giving Sloane & Ivy the authorization to charge your credit card on file. If the client desires the damaged item(s), the client is responsible for the shipping cost. 


You are authorizing regular scheduled charges to your credit card by Sloane & Ivy. Each subscription has a varied charging schedule. See below for schedule.


Monthly clients will be charged once a month, Bi- Monthly will be charged every other month, Seasonal Clients will be charged 4 times are year, Basic Clients will be charged 3 times a year, Gift Clients will be charged once a year. If you upgrade your #GIRLGANG Box subscription than your charges will be updated as well. A receipt for each payment will be provided to you and the charge will appear on your credit card statement. If the above noted payment dates fall on a weekend or holiday, I understand that they payments may be executed on the next business day.

You may cancel this authorization at anytime by e-mailing girlgangbox@sloaneivy.com. However, if your #GIRLGANG box has already been shipped, you will not receive a refund on that style fee. Style fee’s can not be refunded, exchanged, or rolled over. This authorization will remain in effect until cancelled.  



By clicking agree you are authorizing The Phelan Group LLC DBA Sloane & Ivy to charge your provided credit card above for the agree upon purchases. You understand that your information will be saved on file for the future transactions to your account.