FAQ GirlGang Box

Where do you source the items from. 

All items are from Sloane & Ivy who won Best Boutique in the Metro- West in 2018. The pieces from Sloane & Ivy are curate by owner and head buyer Kate Phelan who has over a decade of experience in the fashion industry. All brands found in your #GIRLGANG box meets one of the following criteria: Women- Owned Brand, Made in North America, Eco-Sustainable, and/or Gives Back To Charity. 

What goes into the Styling Fee?
Once you complete your style quiz we match the best Sloane & Ivy stylist for you. They review your previous Sloane & Ivy purchases, your social media (if provided) & start creating unique looks for your file. We take the time to carefully curate what we believe to be your ideal GGB.

Can I refund, exchange, or roll over my Style Fee?

At this time there is no  refund, exchange, or roll over of the styling fee. This applies whether you return all your items, or purchase an item that’s less than the cost of the fee.

What is the pre-sale box?
The Pre-sale box is for our Monthly GirlGang Members. This box has no styling fee or shipping cost and is sent out twice a year before our 2 biggest sales: Warehouse Sale in July and Black Friday Sale in November. As our valued GG member you get first access to pre-sale items. No additional discounts or promotions can be used on the pre-sale box since the items are already reduced. Pre-Sale box works like our other GG boxes, you’re only charged for the items that you want to keep and simply return the items that do not work for you closet.

Why do we need your card on file?
Having your card on file makes the process of purchasing your wanted items that much easier. We do all the heavy lifting behind the scenes so you can enjoy your style box. In addition, we keep the card on file for security reasons in case none of the items are returned to the store. We cannot accept clothes that appear kept, damaged, stained, torn or without original tags. Before any charges to your card, your stylist will email with an invoice.

When will my card be charged?

The styling fee will be charged to your card right before the box gets shipped out. Though this style fee is credited bak to monthly and bi-monthly clients once they purchase an items in the box. We then charge for the items you keep once the box is delivered back to Sloane & Ivy's Flagship location. Remember this is a return label inside each box. 


How do you decided what items go into each box?

Based on your Style Quiz & what #GIRLGANG babe you are will help us determine what your experienced stylist will choose. Answering these questions honestly size, price etc.. will make sure that we create your ideal box.

How long can I keep the items for?
You may keep the package up to 7 days. If items are not returned or you do not provide tracking information you will be charged for all items. Please email girlgangbox@sloaneivy.com with any concerns or clarification on our return policy.


What happens if I keep the clothes longer than 7 days?

If you keep the clothes longer than 7 days we will have to assume you love all your clothes and will charge you for all the items in the box. Please email girlgangbox@sloaneivy.com if you have any questions, concerns, or problems. 

What is the Return Policy?
A pre-paid label will come inside each box. Items that are not being kept please return 7 days of delivery date. All items must be returned in original condition with no damage, stains, tears, and with original tags. Items that do not come back in original conditions will be charged. A stylist will reach out to you with any discrepancies before we charge your account. Please email girlgangbox@sloaneivy.com with any concerns or clarification on our return policy.

What if I purchase a GirlGang Box for someone else?
Girlgang Box is a perfect gift! The same policy rules apply for a gift or non gift box. Your credit card will only be charged once the recipient decides what items they want to keep or return. Please see the GG Box Return Policy.

What is your cancellation policy?
Clients can cancel their membership at any point, without being charged any additional fees. The style fee will only be charged if the GG Box has already been shipped out. To cancel please email girlgangbox@sloaneivy.com and we would be happy to assist.


When does my #GIRLGANG box get ship?

Once you purchase your box your order will be processed within 48 hours. We will then ship your boxes on that date each month that you are scheduled for a box. If you are going away or need your box shipped a different day please email girlgangbox@sloaneivy.com and we will be happy to assist. 


Can I request specific pieces?

Yes, please email girlgangbox@sloaneivy.com after you purchase your box or before the shipment of your box to request specific pieces. Our website and Instagram will always have the most update to date stock of our collection. 

What if I do not like anything in my #GirlGang box?

We are so sorry, we truly strive to create your ideal #GirlGang box, but we are human and make mistakes! Don't give up on us, leave us feed back at girlgangbox@sloaneivy.com so we can ensure to do better the next time. Don't forget that all exchanges are free as well! 

How do you cancel the subscription?

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