Behind The Name


London has always held an extremely special place in my heart. It is where my Grandmother was born and raised, not to mention the destination of my first European adventure with my family. My parents lived there and I spent a summer finding myself as I got lost in the London streets. 

Sloane Square is by far my favorite shopping area in London. It neighbors where my parents lived and every day I’d find myself there. It felt like home. "Sloanies” or “Sloane Rangers" are known for their fashionable lifestyle, and as a fashion lover, I immediately felt a connection.

London has produced some of the greatest fashion names, labels, and icons. The majority of these go unappreciated here in the American fashion industry; plus London is my favorite city in the world, besides Boston, of course!

Ivy is not only one of my favorite vine plants, but I find its resilience in the outside world admirable. The true meaning behind the name of the store is its reference to a type of girl: an ivy girl is one who embodies being true to herself. She is one who will catch your eye & loves everyone - free spirt


Together Sloane & Ivy represents finding who you are through the expression of style.