Always darkest before the dawn


Silver linings: my spiritual motivator.


Life can change in an instant without warning, out of you control, and without your input. Life’s expectancy can be a whirlwind bliss or crash into you like a semi truck & a train colliding. The latter makes you question your life, your decisions, your spirituality (or whatever you believe in). I have had my share of roadblocks. Through & The Story Continues, we will curate must-have looks, must-see restaurant reviews, and create write-ups of local businesses we are obsessing over. At the same time, we know life isn’t always picture perfect, and we will delve into current real life issues, like women inequality, to give our reader a true view of our lives here at & The Story Continues.  Throughout all the roadblocks, one thing remains true; eventually when you are not looking for it, a silver lining will appear, just like a rainbow after the storm. I am a true believer that it is always darkest before the dawn. Hardships prepare us for those great moments. The negative experiences prove how strong we really are. We grow, change, and adapt. It is easy to lose sight of the good, and lose who we are and who we want to become. I know for me, I can get consumed by a problem by only focusing on solutions that are run by emotions. This leads to losing sight of my spirituality, and once this happens, I have to have a self identity intervention. I focus on all my past silver linings, the greatest moments in life, the love I surrounded myself with, and the relationships I worked hard to keep.  

I am for better or worse Type A personality, where I map out five year plans in all aspects of my life. During a recent unexpected business challenge, I questioned throwing in the towel and giving up. I couldn’t face that a 5 year plan was not going exactly how I scheduled. I had lost sight of what was important to me. I needed new perspective. But I remembered who I am not. I am not someone who gives up. Game Plans change. Five year plans can be a simple blueprint rather than a strict rule to follow. Most importantly, I love what I do. I love making a footprint in the fashion world, in my small community of Wellesley, MA. I had to step back and ask myself: what more could I do? How could I turn an unforeseen test into something greater.

But my story is nowhere near finished, in fact, it’s an entirely new book with the creation of Sloane & Ivy. My goal for this blog is to not only have it be a reflection of my personal story, fashion expressions & lifestyle but an outlet for others. Fashion is about self- expression and we hope to inspire & discover new ways to inspire your story. & The Story Continues will reflect the philosophy of Sloane & Ivy, the latest trends but also shine a light on local businesses, book reviews, excerpts from my life with the ambition to bring people together. With everything going on in the world today, I believe we can all benefit from each other's perspectives, I won’t be the only voice on the blog. We have contributing writers to help shape who we are through love, work, & the soul. Look forward to our monthly behind the scenes, style editorials, and shining a light on women who are making a difference.

I by no means believe that I know it all or have the unanswered questions to life. I am just a girl who is willing to use her voice, stories, and simple life pleasures to connect to one another. My love for fashion, food and friends will be an extension to this blog.

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