My Five Essentials: End of Summer Edition

Sunshine, the aroma of wood burning fire pits, America’s Birthday & beach bars are a few reasons why I love the summer time. Happiness fills the air & there are plenty of last minute gatherings to bee seen at: hosting a BBQ, showing off your latest maxi dress at a beach bar, lounging poolside at your friend's house.  You have to be ready in a moments notice and always have your necessities on hand. Here are our editor's top 5 essentials for the end of summer.

  1. Quay Sunglasses
  2. Beautycounter Stick Sunscreen
  3. LNA Dress
  4. Prada Backpack
  5. Ser Verde Sandals

The Quays that I am currently obsessing over are the Lickety Split aviators in the navy slate color. Navy is my black of the summer season. A complete staple. I always have at least 1 pair of Quays in my bag, if not more! They are reasonably priced and if you are like me and misplace sunglasses, Quays are the perfect pairs to have in multiple styles!

I brighten up my wardrobe with Ser Verde flat sandals. They are available in a soft suede or a shiny leather. All are handmade in Spain and designed right here in Boston! Grab them & go and they will brighten up any outfit. Plus, if you’ve pre-treated your suede pair, you can even wear them to your favorite beach bar!

With all these outdoor activities in the summer, research shows you will most likely wind up in the sun more than any other month. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more conscious of sunscreen. As a kid I hated the fact that my mom would lather me up, leaving me to feel sticky & oily. Plus, hello I wanted a tan! But as I grew up and as much as I hate to say so, my mom was right. Sunscreen isn’t about blocking a tan, it’s all about anti-wrinkle and skin cancer prevention, both are something I have to worry about. Hence, Beautycounter, their sun screen both protects from the harm ultra-violet light & bronzes my skin! A true Win-Win. It has been voted by consumers as one of the best & safest sunscreens on the market! It is a true must have.

Prada backpack: Stolen out of my mom’s closet when I went on a trip to Lisbon. And whether she has realized it or not, she won’t be seeing it again. To be honest, when this trend first came out, I was fully against it. Backpacks weren’t my thing when I was in school. I went more for a crossbody or tote. But these days, I live for a backpack. Not only are they practical but add a unique twist to your everyday bag. Plus if you know me, I am pretty much Prada obsessed.  

Every girl should have their go-to summer dress, the one you grab out of your closet without giving it a second thought. When wearing the dress you exude confidence: showing off your sexy summer body but also having that classic summer feel. The dress can be dressed up with a wedge or a pair of Ser Verde flats and you are out the door. My staple dress this summer is my LNA dress. It hugs me in all the right places, mid calf length, and is perfect for any last minute happy hour on the beach!

See you babes at the beach bar!


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