Trend Forecasting | Joggers Are Here to Stay


Unfortunately, I have to credit a lot of my streetwear style, appreciation, and slight obsession to my ex. I’ve always loved British fashion, which to me has many similarities to the streetwear vibe. But transforming my Sunday Lounge wear into the fashion movement we are currently living in, I was apprehensive at first to say the least. I was 22 years old, dating a guy ( or manchild) who gave me my first look into streetwear. At the time I was appreciating what Streetwear was doing in the male fashion world. It was giving a voice & targeting a male audience that up to this point have very little accessibility to well designed clothes. Men were finally transforming into a fashion conscious species. For a while it seemed like if their mom didn’t dress them they thought graphic tee’s from 9 years ago were an appropriate date night outfit - yes Aaron I am calling you out on my blog. Standards are raising and each year it is becoming less and less acceptable for guys not to be putting thought into their wardrobe. Times began to change. Now guys had to impress girls with their outfits. It is no longer a one way street. Small, small victory for us ladies out there.

My first exposure in my personal style was joggers and sneakers. I took the sneaker world by storm. I loved sneakers. There was this subculture of sneakerheads I never knew existed. Next thing I knew I was waiting in hour long lines in West Hollywood waiting for a sneaker to drop. Joggers on the other hand, it wasn’t for me at first. I didn’t get how to wear them. Did I wear them dressed up? Did I wear them with sneakers? Where they solely to binge watch Netflix in? My first pair of joggers are the same anti-wrinkle ones we have in the store today. I still wear those but my collection of joggers have grown and not only exclusively worn with sneakers.

My favorite 3 ways (but not exclusively) to wear Joggers:

  1. Casual but cool
  2. Dressed with heels for a night out
  3. Traveling

For the Weekend Warrior:

Any Weekend Warrior, this Wardrobe must have. Our Brentwood jogger pant is for you! The tribal detailing gives this pants a unique twist compared to a lot of joggers out there. Pair with a silk tank and Sam Smith sneakers and you are ready for any brunch with the girls. Don’t forget your Quay’s if you are eating outside!


Dressed up:

The black L.I.C joggers sold at Sloane & Ivy are a perfect substitute for your traditional black ponte pant or black heels. It has become a staple in many women's’ closets. Pair with a heel and silky top and you have a work to night out outfit all lined up! Mix and Match to recycle outfits you already have. Add a blazer to create a more tailored style or an open cardigan and scarf for those colder offices. Ditch the layers and add chain necklaces and bright Sixty Stax bracelets for a night out in the city. This transformation is seamless!

For the Jetsetter:

I used to believe while flying you had to pick with comfort or style. I hate being uncomfortable on a flight, especially on one that is over five hours and overnight, but I always feel like a shlub arriving in a new city wearing sweats. I usually always pick style over comfort, but not anymore. I’ve found this anti-wrinkle jogger pants. Sloane & Ivy’s L.I.C joggers allow you to fly in comfort and arrive in style.

Happy jet-setting trendsetters!  


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  • Love the blog and the styling help with the joggers . The video was perfect and the bloopers were gold! Can’t wait for next week!!!

    Mari kuhn

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