5 Fashion Pieces Worth Investing In

  1. Sunglasses - This is an item you can wear throughout every season and most styles never fade. To invest in a pair of sunglasses that will last for years, high quality, and a piece that you love is worth the price! A quality pair of shades offers your eyes and skin much more than a cheap pair will. In the end, it is better to have one dependable pair of sunnies than multiple cheap pairs. 

  1. Perfect Jeans - Having at least one pair of jeans that you absolutely love and hug just right is important for any wardrobe. Jeans are a fashion staple that can be dressed up or kept casual. However, finding that perfect pair of jeans isn’t always easy or cheap, but worth it. Invest in at least one pair that you can always go to and I promise you will thank yourself later. 

  1. Little Black Dress - How many times have you looked in your closet for what to wear and felt overwhelmed? An LBD is the perfect solution to this. Make the dress your own by using accessories to style the dress based on the environment you will be in! A little black dress is a piece that you can practically wear to anything and rewear without anyone knowing. 

  1.  Sturdy Handbag - A purse that will last you forever, will match any outfit, and is a style that you LOVE is worth the investment. You can own one purse and be happy with that if it is the one you have wanted forever and ever. Cheap bags wear & tear easily that in the end it is more practical to spend money on one good quality purse than continuously buy a cheap one to replace the last!  Prada
  2. Pumps - The perfect pair of heels that are comfortable and stylish. These can be your go to shoes for a night out or a business attending. A neutral color is perfect to match with any outfit you put together! Pour La Victoire


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