Who's Your Alibi?

As a newly 21 year old girl, finding places to go out in Boston can be difficult. From my experiences, I’ve learned some places that are great for my age groupand some that I am way too young to be at even though I am of the legal drinking age. There’s nothing worse than going to a bar and feeling like you’re the youngest person there. Over the weekend I went to Alibi with my sister and some of her friends from law school (my sister is 25 and her friends range from 25-28). Alibi is located inside of the Liberty Hotel, which used to be the Charles Street Jailhouse. The inside of the bar has pictures of celebrities’ famous mugshots, which is different than any bar I’ve been to. I’m not sure what type of crowd Alibi aims for because the music that is played is directed at people in their early to late twenties, but their prices are not. I ordered drinks for myself and friends (2 shots of casamigo, a vodka soda, and corona) which ended up costing around $45, plus a tip, it ended up being $50ish. There weren’t many places to sit because every table we found was “reserved” and there was a bachelorette party there; that’s always fun to watch. Maybe I’m just too young, but a large portion of men there were in their 50s+, and nothing kills the buzz like a bunch of men that could be your Dad watching you dance and take tequila shots. Will I return to Alibi? Probably, but only with my sister who is older and her friends. Alibi is not a place I would bring my college friends to.



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