We why are obsessed with N.Philanthopy

n.Philanthropy is one of the many brands that Sloane & Ivy carries. The popular brand has been seen on well-known celebrities like Lady Gaga, Kate Hudson, and Emmy Rossum along with many others. The basic, edgy, and chic looks that n.Philanthropy offers are to die for.
Many of the pieces we carry from this brand have cute cut-outs that add a unique touch to a simple piece. The basics we carry are basic but not in a plain sense thanks to n.Philanthropy. They add trend and style to everyday wear! This is one of the many reasons we love the brand.
n.Philanthropy is a feel good brand. We want our clients not only feel comfortable in the stylish n.Philanthropy pieces we have, but we also want our customers feeling good about giving back. This brand is amazing at giving back to their communities in L.A. A portion of their net sales goes to multiple charities in California including the Children’s Hospital of L.A., The ASPCA, and other local animal shelters.
Sloane & Ivy’s owner, Kate, actually adopted one of her dogs from the charities that n.Philanthropy donates to. This brand pulls on the boutiques heart strings by offering high-quality clothing and giving back to important facilities in their area. We really appreciate the brand and hope our clients do too!

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