Trendy Tuesday: The Versatility of a Button Up

Growing up I never really understood my mom’s obsession (and I mean OBSESSION) with button up blouses. I’ve always been inspired by menswear influence in women’s fashion, but the button up, I couldn’t get on board. Over the last 2 years, I have joined the bandwagon & I think you should too-it is Versatile + effortless + stylish. Here are a few of my favorite ways to wear button up.

(pictured: Mercer & spring: bleached + back Bay Pants) 

1.) The most classic way to wear a button up is the tucked into a tailored trouser. Keep wearing it this way - the look is clean and effortless. Your favorite white button up will match with navy, black, or khaki trouser. It’s a simple and power outfit. Any insecurity I have falls to the wayside when I wear this look. “Watch out world, here comes Kate” replays in my head. The world becomes my playground and I walk out the door with one thing on my mind, “kick some ass”. I love when outfits can instantly channel a mood. If there’s one thing I have learned over the years it is,  “listen to your mind and your outfit.” Have them match. IF something makes you feel pretty - wear it, if you need a pick me up wear the thing that makes you feel sexy or confidant or both! And if you have an important meeting, want to accomplish personal goals, or just a woman warrior, put on your version of the power suit. If you are looking for the perfect tailored trouser, check out the Norine Pants from everyone’s favorite maker, Tyler Madison. I think they are the BEST tailored pant - they are pull on, machine washable & made in Canada.


2.) Have fun with a button up and pair with your favorite skirt. I love the way our Mercer & Spring over-dyed black looks with our London vegan leather fringe skirt. Make it your own style by tucking the button up in the front or play around with a front tie! It adds a touch of menswear look to a very girly style. I tend to stay away from skirts for my personal style as they sometimes are just too girlie for me. Though, I love skirts on other people and I think they are a great addition to anyone’s closet. A button up paired with a skirt is an ideal combination of girly, flirty, & edgy! It is even really cute with lace shorts! Again adding a little edge to a traditionally feminine look is key in my wardrobe!

(Pictured: Mercer & Spring: Bleached + Emma Seneca)

3.) I love having a button up at the beach too! I am always cold. It can be 80 degrees and a slight wind comes along and I catch a chill. My fingers and toes are constantly ice cubes and I have tried acupuncture, yoga poses, and herbal supplements over the years to increase blood flow – they don’t work. I just have to accept I run colder than most. With that said, I am always prepared. Button ups have quickly become an essential piece in my wardrobe especially during warmer days (and trips to the ocean). They are easily packable, don’t wrinkle as easily as some shirts, and can be tied around the waist for additional style if you are tired of carrying it around….. And that is what I like to call a fashion win / win. A button up is even perfect over a simple dress! You can leave it long or tie the shirt to give some shape to the look! Own the look and make it yours!  

4.) Casual & effortless with wax coated pants or jeans and boots, the button up is easy, effortless, and put together. These are 3 items that everyone should have in their closet. You can mix and match. Listen this week I have worn my overdyed black Mercer & Spring shirt twice. The first was in the beginning of the week with the olive wax coated pants and knee high boots. Today, I wore the overdyed black with ripped jeans and heeled booties. The HORROR… I wore the same shirt twice in the same week. I used to be so against this. I thought an item of clothing should only be worn once-I was juvenile and also thought I was a billionaire. As I have grown and matured (hold the laughing for those people who really know me & know I am not that mature) I buy pieces for my wardrobe that are higher quality and are classics for my style. I think it’s fun to find an item in your closet and mix and match it in as many ways possible. It is like shopping in your closet for new looks! I am a little OCD and create lookbooks for ideas in my closet so I don’t forget what combinations I love!  If you would like help re-organizing your closet check out the at home services that we have!

(Pictured: Emma Fenwick + Braxton Jacket + Norwich Top


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