The IvyBox Review by @stylebyliv

Many of you already know that I am an ambassador for Sloane & Ivy, an absolutely killer #girlboss boutique in Wellesley MA.
I am so excited to share one of their incredible features with you: The Ivy Box. The Ivy Box is a way for you to shop their store from home, literally. You simply submit a style survey and then you will be sent a box with six hand picked items from their current collection. You try on the items at home, see if they pair with anything already in your closet and then take your pick. Send back the ones you don’t want with free shipping and then keep the ones you love! So simple!
Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite items from my custom styled Sloane & Ivy Box:
I love that Sloane & Ivy highlights inspirational brands including n.Philanthropy. A portion of their sales go towards Children’s Hospital in LA, ASPCA and other local LA animal shelters. This Give A Damn Tee is an incredible way to make a statement.
Kate has been RAVING about this jean brand DL1961. As soon as I put on the Margaux in Costa Mesa I knew I was going to buy them. How often do you find a pair of jeans, sent to your house that fit perfectly/are comfortable/make your butt look great on the first try? The answer: impossible unless you’re Sloane & Ivy. (I still don’t understand).

Some other highlights from my Ivy Box:

Coopers Tee

Capri Necklace

Burlington Cardigan

Biscayne Bay Tank

Want to try out an Ivy Box of your own, with no obligation to buy anything?

Use the code LIV15 and you can with 15% off!

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