The Bralette

Growing up with a reformed hippie mother & a flat chest, bras became less & less desirable. At first buying a bra was an exciting rite of passage into the glories of womanhood. As the years went on bras became less enticing and more of an expensive bother. Luckily for me a "barely there A cup" bras are obsolete 90% of the time. I hadn't bought a new bra in 4 years! The one bra I have at this point is the longest standing relationship in my life. Though I recently bought a dress that even I could not justify my “no bra necessary” philosophy. Instead of dragging out my one Victoria Secret bra out of hibernation, I decided to buy myself a Bralette. 

At first I wondered if a bralette is the fancy term for: adult version of a "Limited Too" bras (yes, like many of tweens in the 90’s I did buy my first bra at "Limited Too"!). But back to my dilemma, I fell in love with a semi sheer dress for a family friend’s anniversary party. I cringed at the idea of buying something I knew I would never use only for 1 dress, but I fell in love with the dress and had no time to change my outfit. I slipped on the bralette from Sloane & Ivy.  I was obsessed with the bralette the moment I wore it- full disclaimer I have bought several more since. It's the perfect item that I've become completely co-dependent on. It's supportive, but comfortable, simple yet sexy. The bralette is a little self confidence booster underneath any outfit! Do yourself and your womanhood a favor and buy a bralette.



  • Bralets are a great wardrobe transition piece… love them when layering up this Fall!

    Marijean Kuhn
  • Love these Wednesday, Pick Me Ups!

    Cynthia Phelan

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