Sunday's: a football division


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Sunday’s have quickly become my favorite day. No Sunday scaries for this girl. I live to sleep in {well until 8:30 that is} & lazily completing my morning routine. As I work most Saturdays during the year, I cram my whole weekend into one jammed packed day. Endless possibilities of home decor projects, seeing family, trying new restaurants, or Netflix binging of course. Sundays are a peaceful day, except for 17 weeks out of the year when my household is divided. A division that is strenuous on many relationships, one that brings up lengthy “discussions”, separations, and quiet dinners walking on eggshells.  

Yes, I am talking Football Season. One of the only topics that can really rattle me to my core.

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Football is a second religion in our house. We are both stubborn and unable to believe that anyone could possible root for another team but ours.  Though my team is the only one with rings to back-up my stubbornness, Aaron, for reasons unknown to most, is a Bills fan. A team up until this year, was not really taken seriously in the AFC east or the entire league for that matter. They haven’t made the playoffs in 17 years, until now.

A team that I do not even like to mention in the same breath as the greatest team of them all, The New England Patriots. The only time I have cried tears of happiness is when Malcolm Butler intercepted the ball in the final seconds of Super Bowl XLIX. I could relive all the highlights (and there are many because they are the greatest) of the Patriots for hours but back to my “situation”.

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What makes the tension even worse is that the Bills and Patriots are both in the AFC East.  This means we play twice a year and could see each other in the playoffs this year. That means two times a year that one of us will inherently, for no good reason, be mad at the other one.

If I am not working, we tend to diffuse the situation by watching football in a public place. This year’s bar of choice was The Tavern in the Square, {btw any gluten free readers in Boston, The Tavern in the Square has one of the best gluten free hamburgers in the city} where every game is televised. We both could watch our teams and keep up on our fantasy leagues too.

This Sunday, however, is a bit different. It is Wildcard weekend and the first time since 1999 the Bills have made the playoffs.  To give you a little perspective, I was not even a teenager the last time this happened. They need to beat the Jaguars to move ahead and play my Patriots. As a loving girlfriend, I want to join in on Aaron’s overly excited self and help him celebrate a feeling that all Patriots fans know too well, the first playoff game. While I am not as giddy as Aaron since the Patriots make the postseason, I can imagine how he feels.  Playoffs are intoxicating. It’s do or die. Will your team go that extra inch to secure the next game or will the pressure rattle them as the fans watch holding their breath.

Here is where I am torn. I always want to see Aaron happy and that is why I have planned a football Sunday party for him. Nothing short of his favorite things: Bills, food, friends, & beer. But as a Patriots fan I haven’t decided on who I’d rather battle out next week. Is our relationship strong enough to endure a playoff game? When one of our dreams of a Super Bowl are crushed while the other’s screams of joy shatter the house? It might seem silly to those who don’t live for football, and yes I know we will be able to endure it, but for those several hours watching the game and right after we will be enemies. We are enemies standing behind our teams. We have mixed our household, and these are the consequences we must endure. But for now this battle will have to be played out on the field.


… at least we agree on the Bruins!

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