How to Get Snowed in the Right Way

Seeing as it is currently snowing, I thought it is the perfect time to let you in on a little secret-my full proof plan on how to get snowed in and have a mini staycation!

Prep is essential here. Grocery shop and meal prep the day or two before the blizzard /storm. Food is a key ingredient in a snow day. I am a big foodie and luckily for me Aaron will cook me whatever my heart desires, if I, in turn, bake him a treat. Warning when going to the grocery store before a blizzard be prepared for complete mayhem, the crazies come out to play. If I had the option I would shop during the day or late at night when the farmer’s market or grocery store is nearly empty.

This snowy day {gluten free + nut free} menu is:
breakfast: Banana Protein Smoothie
Lunch: chicken tortilla soup
Mid day break snack: cheese plate
Dinner: homemade pizza
Dessert: mini hot coco cupcakes with marshmallow frosting

Next step for a snowy day is to make sure you get trapped inside with your favorite people. When I renovated the downstairs of my condo I envisioned just this. Snowy days where everyone comes over and we all cook, eat, watch movies / puzzles, and laugh a whole lot. I created a completely open living room - kitchen - dining room to host just that. Also, I am a homebody and prefer my friends to come to me so I don't  have to leave home. I am at the store so much that when I get to be home it is a special treat!

A snow day would not be complete without a comfy cozy must have outfit. Today’s pick: the n.philanthropy cashmere joggers, paired with an old black cashmere V-neck sweater. Nothing quite like cashmere to keep you toasty! Staying warm for me is always high priority. I have poor circulation meaning my hands and feet are ice bricks on a normal day. Even when it’s 80 degrees out I carry a sweater around with me because, yes, I am that person who ALWAYS complains about being cold.

Get the Look:

I  like to protect my clothes while cooking with an apron.

Movies & activities is the next on the list of completing the perfect snow day. If I stay “trapped” in a place for too long I get nervous energy and need something to occupy my mind - yes I realize I need yoga and meditation, but for now I will stick with my activities.

What I had planned for my snow day:

  • quick 30 min at home work out ( so I can eat all the mini cupcakes without second guessing)
  • Blog writing
  • Puzzle: Yes, I know, I am a full on dork and I love it. Puzzles are my thing- you can come and go to them as you please. You can take 20 mins to find some pieces or get lost for hours in a magical landscape or European city scene.
  • Movie: Today we watched Battle of the Sexes, which I do highly recommend. As someone who views themselves as a newly inspired feminist & a lover of tennis, I was pretty disappointment with myself that I didn’t know this story. It is crazy to think that Billie Jean was fighting for equal pay for female tennis players and we are still dealing with equal pay across all industries. This movie inspired me to raise my voice more and keep the fight going. Maybe we need another battle of the sexes match! My money is on Serena.

Finally ENJOY the snow! I plan on doing that by running around the deserted park with my pups! Both of my dogs were Cali born and raised, West Side represent. When I made the decision to move back to the east coast I was nervous how these boys would handle the vicious New England winter. I was pleasantly surprised when the pups  experienced their first snow fall they played catch with the snow flakes!

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