Coffee Sips with Kate #9

Ive never had too many close girl friends. To this day, the closest person in my life is my best guy friend. Girls are tricky and I could never really navigate the relationship quite right. I used to feel like an outcast, trying to fit in but always coming up short, not having the rule book everyone else had. At times I tried too hard and at others I was too selfish. Moving around a lot in my 20s didn’t help much either & for a few years , I was caught up in a bad relationship. I wasn’t a social outcast my whole life. I found my tribes in the different cities but I never felt truly connected to my girl friends. The support was not the same as I experience today.


Now I crave my girlfriends. I’ve met more supportive people since opening Sloane & Ivy and networking than in my entire life. We are each other’s cheerleaders. It’s mix of people without a single mention of “social climbing”. They don’t all know each other and we do not all hangout at the same time. But it’s my growing girl gang that I didn’t know I was searching for until now! Sunday rituals with one of my close friends is something I look forward to weekly and when we can’t do it, I actually get sad. Each individual has guided me through being a boss babe. Being an entrepreneur and running a business can be very lonely but my girl gang continually uplifts me & gives me motivation to keep grinding. Most importantly,  we whole heartedly believe in one another. We don’t believe only one of us succeeds. We don’t see each other everyday but we show up when we can and when it means something. 


As sappy as this post is coming out, and I am not a sappy person- it’s all true. I used to be intimidated by the female species. I admired from afar but hesitant to ever join. Mostly because I was insecure in who I was. I didn’t want anyone else to know that. The more comfortable I became in my own life, the happier I was and the more I could be myself.  I think I needed the store & building something from scratch to prove to myself that I could. To feel confident and secure with myself. 

I bring the same value to the table as the strong women I have now attracted into my life. I soon realized it was not just business owner Kate that they valued but just me as a person-just Kate. I’ve began to see myself in a new light. To realize my potential. I work hard for myself but also for all of them, to prove that they are right. That they helped contribute to my success.The emotional support of a girl gang is key to my sanity. It’s funny how the universe / life/fate works.