Coffee Sips With Kate #6

6 years ago - even 3 years ago - my life was stagnant & stale. I cared so much what people thought, I believed the key to happiness was following the same path everyone else was taking, I thought I would only be happy if I was in a relationship so I entered unhealthy ones. Then I started to realize the greatest moments, the truest people, the life time changes, all happened when I stopped thinking, did not over analyze and just said fuck it. 

I started the journey to Sloane & Ivy on a float in a pool, on a roof deck because I did not want to go back to my old job. Giving up a one lifestyle and going all in on myself was scary shit. Though when the decisions where made and the papers were being signed I was not thinking, I was still doing. My fear stage does not come right away, it creeps in.  Then I have a  “oh shit what did I do” breakdown.

32 hours before the doors opened November 17, 2016 and I had my first business owners breakdown. The first of many. If you own a business you know this kind of break down. The kind that makes you want to give everything up, throw in the towel, convinced that you are going to fail that so its not worth it. Then some how after the anxiety wears off and the tears are gone, a wave of “no fucking way am I giving this up, I have got this” comes over you. A refresh, a reboot, a recharge. It is in those moments, in those perseverance that greatness happens. 

8 months after opening my doors, is the moment I truly became a business owner. I made the decision to separate from my business partner. It was the first time I felt I was two people: Kate, the business owner, and Kate the 28-year-old. I looked at the situation as having two options: I could boss up to the challenge and just say yes or I could go back to “normal” life of a 28-year-old. 

Well, normal has never been in my wheelhouse, and the business owner side won, and those two Kate’s became one:  a boss babe. I put all my strength, energy, and love into creating Sloane & Ivy. 

If I had said no on that pool float, or or stopped to think about the impacts rebranding & sole proprietorship would have on me, I would not have created Sloane & Ivy. I would not be a woman entrepreneur. I would not have learned the strength that gave me my confidence. I would not have the life I have today. 

Saying yes,  does not have to be about business. My babies (Nas & West)  came into my life because I said Yes to my ex. I took a scary leap to leave everything I knew, the only coping mechanism I had to get lost & find myself recovered in the desert. I met my best friend Oscar because instead of saying no and staying in I forced myself out and met him. These all have changed my life forever. Rescuing Nas, The West Story, getting sober, creating Sloane & Ivy, & meeting Oscar are truly my top days of my life so far. And they all happened because I just said yes. 


Tell me your top moments! email me, DM, tag me in your post. I would love to learn more about you! 


Take a chance. Take that risk. Stop thinking, and just say yes to yourself.And if you are not ready... might as well do a little online shopping and check out my first born baby Sloane & Ivy (shameless plug!)