Coffee Sips with Kate # 4

Being a women entrepreneur I’ve given up a lot in my life (mostly socially) but the strides I’ve taken with personal growth does not even compare. I’ve built a business solely on my own with only my heart & savings. But it’s my sweat & tears that has carried me to success thus far. 

Kate (our lead stylist at Sloane & Ivy - confusing I know) & I have talked a lot this week on how women in our generation are the best at tearing ourselves down. We never want to point out our own achievements in fear of looking egotistical. How we knit pick our bodies, our personality, our lives. And how it’s ultimately soul crushing & time consuming. 

And with that in mind my coffee sip rant of the day is all about building yourself up.

List your top 8 favorite things about yourself in the past year. Could be as simple as I think I look sexy with my new hair cut or something deeper like I’ve finally found my voice! Share them with me tag me in a post, insta stories or slide right into my DMS!

Personal life should not be so damn hard, I have learned to let go of other peoples expectations. Now I only have the time doing things that make me happy! 

 Here are my top 8:

1. First up is a pretty big and general one: I have grown up so much, since I started my business - really the most improvement & change has come in the last 8 months. I was dumped & threw myself into growing Sloane & Ivy. (I’ll save that for another coffee sips)

2. My skin is so thick now, not even a dagger in the back would hurt - and I have gotten a few daggers. I grew up in an era where being a girl was tough. We got mentally bullied everyday by each other. We were taught to tear each other down because there was not enough space for us to all succeed. There could be only one winner. I used to wear my hear on my sleeve. 

But being a bossbabe you can’t. I will have woman come into my store and tell me my store will fail. Comments like this would have torn me down, now it’s my motivation. I channel all negativity into fighting fuel. I hope you think I will fail, my smile will be so much bigger when I don’t!

3. Time has become my most valuable intangible in my life. I dream of that magical hour I have coined sixen that is between 6 -7 am & pm! Some days maybe even two hours. There is never enough time in the day. My week schedule has become Monday - Saturday 6am - 11:30pm. I’m not complaining, I love it. But also don’t waste my time, I won’t waste yours. 

4. I am a reformed people pleaser. It has taken nearly 30 year but I have finally learned to say no to people! I have lost some friends (& a relationship) over the year for being too selfish with my business. I truly don’t take offense to that, I view it was I am doing something right.  Yes, right now in it’s growing stage my business will always come above everything & everything else.

When you are a new parent people don’t say oh well you being a little to selfish with your child. Well guess what- I am a new parent. My kid just looks a tad different than yours.


5. I have more self - confidence in my appearance but more importantly in my intelligence. I am not what you would call book smart I am more what you would call street smart - well depending on what street we are talking about. But truly I think I am life smart. I did not follow my families footstep and go to one of those “smart” colleges & absolutely did not go to grad school. I went to the university of life as my mother would call it after graduation. But I can tell you this with 100% honesty I learned more in the university of life than I did at the TMD program at the University of Rhode Island (shout out to all my Rhodey Rams out there!). 

 6. I have found my voice and I am not afraid to use it.  I used to be one of those ignorances it bliss kind of a bitch. I am what the kids call woke these days.  I used to think - why care about these issues because they do not matter to my life. Well they do, I am a woman after all & we need to be involved in the conversation. I don't care what side of the conversation you are, just know the facts & know your opinion. 

7.I am who I am, I am not everyone strong cup of black coffee & that is okay. I used to keep everything to myself. I did not want anyone to ever be mad so I kept everything bottled up inside. Over the years this manifested in a drug & alcohol problem. But even after getting sober, old habits die hard. Now my inner bossbabe does not give a f**k. I am who I am. I am not for everyobe & I am okay with that. Not everyone you meet in life is supposed to be in your life. We are all different - that is what make us being human amazing. 

8. Don’t take your personal life too seriously- we only got one shot at this so why waste it being negative. In the past 12 months I have left my old OCD / Type A personality in the past & dare I say I am easy going. It was a slower progression but I have ripped up my 10 year plans and just enjoying and laughing my way through life. 


Tell me yours! 

Email, DM, Tag me in your post and let me know your top 8!