Coffee Sips with Kate # 2

I am meeting so many new people through social media & Sloane & Ivy, so I wanted to take a moment to give you some gossip about me. I think it's important to know more about the girl behind a brand! 

I am an open book, I won't hold back, so ask me anything & I will give you the dirt on my life! 

Here are 10 things to gossip about me... 

I'd rather be barefoot & braless. I'm braless 98% of the time, and barefoot whenever possible. 

I have 7 tattoos - none of which I regret or spent more than 3 days thinking about. Just like most of my bigger life decision I don't think, I just do. 

I believe we have multiple soulmates in life and they all come in different forms. The biggest soulmate of my life so far was Nas <3 

I have been proposed to but never married - dodged that bullet!!  

I have been in recovery from a drug, alcohol and eating disorder for over 6 years and it was the hardest & greatest decision I have ever made. 

I believe you should fall in love every day - mostly with yourself.

I was born in Australia & have lived in Australia, United States, Italy & Great Britain.  I have traveled to every continent except Asia & Antarctica - by the time I die, I will have traveled to all. My dream vacation right now is Japan.  

I believe in the power of a bucket list: big or small & conquering your list before you die. Three of my top 3 big ticket ones are: write a book, hike one of the top mountains of the world & start my own non-profit.

A classic first date question lately has been: "What is your favorite season?" I always respond "Football season" IF football was a religion, the Patriots & TB12 would be my god <3 

My dream life when I am older is to live on a farm that I rebuilt and designed, is 100% sustainable, with a garden to live off of & a sanctuary  for all my 80 rescue dogs! 

Thanks for reading along and getting to know a little bit about me!