Coffee Sips with Kate #11

I’ve become addicted to the grit & grind of being a boss babe. My weeks are filled & my days need more hours. My days start before the sun and end the next day. But I wouldn’t change a thing. I've finally found my place in life. 

It’s a truly amazing thing to find out who you were supposed to become. At times I get so down on myself that it took me "this long" to figure out my path in life. I started Sloane & Ivy at 28 & never had a career I loved before that. I was a career hopper & was never happy until I took a risk on myself. And now at 30 I’ve found my next project through S&I. Neither were things I dreamt of at 16 when we were supposed to know exactly who we were, who we wanted to be & the college we picked would determine the rest of our lives. The pressure that is put on us at 16 is too much, no wonder why at 30 I can feel far behind. I was stunted in fear of growing up. Scared I was going to make the wrong decision and ruin the rest of my life. I froze for years. 

I went through the motions of what I thought life wanted out of me instead of living my truths of our life. Over a decade later I am just figuring out who I am & what I was supposed to be.  

One of my girls sent me a quote the other day about how we are all traveling in different lanes. Some of us find who we are at 18 and some of us at 68 but is one more valuable than the other? If you are taking a risk in yourself - whatever that may look to you whether that starting your own business, being a single parent and giving it your all, kicking ass in your own profession, working tirelessly for a non - profit - it will always be worth it. If you keep somewhere between the grit & grind you will find success. This I can promise you, success will bring you a high of happiness that most things can’t. 

Now I am working tirelessly on a project that at 16 I had zero dreams about. I lost the fire & passion I once had but recently found it again. The project I am working on, if all pans out well, will be one of the proudest moment of my life. People assume it when I decided to get sober but for me, that was a necessity in life. Chasing your dreams, finding out who you are, living your own life, that to me is what life is all about. Those are the moments that you should be proud of. 


So take a sip of coffee, give yourself a break and remember that you are the only one living your life, so might as well make it one you love! 


also stay tuned to see what I am cooking up... until then here is my first baby Sloane & Ivy... I haven't forgotten about her!