Coffee Sips with Kate

Hi Babes! 

First let me take a sip on my coffee... what have I been sipping on lately? Well a triple shot oat milk latte of course! As a self proclaimed tag line I am just a girl & her Frenchie searching this world for the best cup of coffee & enjoying every sip!

Being a #girlgang creator, entrepreneur, doggie mama & living a hilariously (and sometime not so hilarious) single life style  I get asked how I do it, what drives me, and what keeps me going. I started to do longer post on instagram to help motivate others to be living their best life, finding your girl gang, and living your best life. So I decided to start Coffee Sups with Kate. 

I have been doing longish instagram post in my feed. I have had really positive feedback but instagram makes it impossible to really write down all my thoughts - plus some people just don't got time for that.  I don't want to call this a blog because in my head I feel like blogs take so much time to plan  - I don't got time for that. I want Coffee Sips to be spur of the moment, un planned thoughts in my head. A longer instagram per say. A spot light on my life of, the good the bad, and the slightly insane that you might not even believe it happened. A step deeper than instagram lets you go. It might not all be pretty as a instagram picture, but it will be the real me. 

Can't wait to see how this transforms!