Coffee Sips with Kate # 5

…. and just like that my summer schedule of more relaxed days, eating copious amounts of carbs & sugar, zero exercise, sleeping in, & truthfully not feeling great came to a halting stop.

I am not one to ease into anything. If I am going for it, I go for it. I went from no planned schedule to Monday - Saturday 6:30 am - 11:30 pm & Sunday 8 - until Sunday Night Football is over. This summer I learned, I lose myself when life is not constantly moving. Laziness is my kryptonite, so easy to get into a rhythm of not doing anything yet it leaves me feeling empty.  I love seeing that internal growth!

Though as I have gotten older I can’t bounce back from those all-nighters, or the double workouts 4 days in a row like I once could. ( I hate to admit it but truly this is the only time I really feel aging! ) So now more than ever I make sure to carve out some time in my week to do something for me, that rejuvenates my soul.

My Favorites 

  1. Any spa treatment at home or in a spa. My favorites: getting my hair done (at the Candy Bar duh), at home face mask, or a deep tissue massage. On the basic diva side, but I don't hate it!
  2. Cook a meal for someone. For me, the importance is cooking for someone. I strongly believe food is the way to someone's heart. Seeing someone enjoy a meal I prepared warms my soul & brings me immense happiness.
  3. Rearrange my furniture. Any ex of mine ( or friends that come to my place) can contest to this. I am CONSTANTLY changing my furniture / decor when I feel stressed. Last night I rearranged my whole living room. I tend to start these projects a few hours before a party of an event, the exact time I should not be doing this. But I work very well under time pressure. Quick decision making is a strength of mine. Keeping my mind pre-occupied from the stress mixed with the creative outlet, recharges my soul and allows my body rid of toxic energy.
  4. Call my person and have a 2-hour therapy call. My person in life, Oscar, is my go-to phone call when everything else fails. Oscar & I, unfortunately, do not live together nor do we live in the same state anymore. If we did I would just barge into his room as I used too. Instead his voice over my speaker phone is my sounding board. Everyone needs an Oscar. He is way more than a best friend, he is my lifeline. He is my no bullshit, soul recharger, the only person in the world that knows all my dark corners of my soul and never once has judged me for it. He is my safe zone. Hence, why after a 2-hour phone call I am cured. (we usually talk every day for an hour, so 2 hours really isn’t too long for us. Our record was close to 4! )
  5. Have a date with yourself. Remind yourself how truly awesome you are & that the outside world is the one with the problems! My favorite self-date is: museum, coffee, workout, lunch date ( I have never eaten dinner solo but will do breakfast and lunch. have you done dinner alone?)
  6. AHHHH COFFEE!!! I try to make coffee at home because of busy schedule & saving money. Though when I feel I need a little pick me up I will go get a coffee out. For me coffee is always so much better when someone else makes it! 
  7. WORKOUT! HOW DID I LEAVE THIS TO #7. The saying is so true, you never leave a work out worse than you entered. Working out is my quick fix. As an ex-junkie I do love instant gratification. 
  8. If I have the time a quick 36 hour escape to my oasis, my family house in the cape. I disconnect from the outside world, eat good food, catch up on Bravo, & live in sweatpants, no makeup & just be with my family…. oh and I let Cyn cater to me hehe. It is amazing how nostalgia can be just what the soul doctor ordered.

Here are my top 8. I am sure I will think of more. Share with me your favorites & maybe I will adopt them.

talking about adopting…. life crisis usually ends up with a new pup.